Useful Information

First Aid

All Active members must hold a current first-aid qualification.

The minimum qualification is a First Aid Level 2 or Remote Area First Aid (or equivalent) course including CPR, of 14-16 hrs minimum, offered by organisations such as St John Ambulance, Australian Red Cross, and a number of commercial providers .

However,  there are several other options that provide more comprehensive programs that provide members with much greater skills, confidence and knowledge. One excellent course is the Australian Ski Patrol Association (ASPA) Advanced Emergency Care Course that takes place annually each autumn.

Another option is the various wilderness first aid courses offered by a number of providers (see our Links page for some we know of). Wilderness first aid is the practice of first aid where definitive care is more than one hour away. Courses available range from three to seven days and include lots of hands-on scenarios and a very structured system for handling first aid emergencies in remote situations.  The main issue with any of these courses is obviously both the time and cost factor although it is ultimately worth it, if you find yourself taking responsibility for others in the outdoors regularly.